Reference Number: {010B5B98-6197-E011-BB3E-0026B92C1D64}

Base Salary:

90 000,00$-100 000,00$/Yr



Company Profile:

Our client is a distributor of industrial equipment with a large sales and customer service force. They are in need of a Sales and Customer Service Training Manager who will evaluate their current employees in sales and customer service, make recommendations, seek out outside training courses and at times deliver those courses.


Set goals for training and staff development based on sales of business objectives and identify and implement a curriculum of skill development of sales for all sales roles in maximizing the use of curriculum development.
Collaborate and interact with officials and executives of relevant departments to understand the needs, opportunities and constraints of the business units and to develop or adapt strategies for training and development supporting business objectives
Deliver programs and training in sales and customer service, provide coaching services to managers of sales and identify and recommend resources to internal and external training as necessary complementary and manage relationships with external suppliers
Evalate training-the effectiveness of training, including the impact on skill development of individuals and business results and measure and report results
Monitor and control training costs and measure ROI and prepare management reports
Ensure availability and proper use of equipment, facilities and materials necessary to form and adapt the structure of the training based on the training plan and geographical constraints and material
Design educational materials, such as teaching materials, documentation, evaluation sheets and visual aids. Install the audio-visual equipment and make presentations as needed.
Keep abreast of recent advances in training and adult development, including improvements in technology and choose the best solutions for the company and its customers.

Job Requirements:

Academic Bachelor's degree in human resources, marketing, business administration or any other relevant field is needed
Languages Bilingualism, both French & English (written & spoken)
Experience A minimum of 10 years in a similar role needed
  You must have a business mind; strategic in your approach and match present and future needs of that of our company and the market
A background in organizational development is a huge asset
Experience working with outside suppliers is needed


Complete benefit package (medical/dental/pension plan).

Contact Details:

Williams, Dawn

Number of positions: