Job Order: 105

Base Salary:



Canada & US

Job Description:

Profile: Our client is a manufacturer of furniture and seeks a Sales Manager to manage a team in both Canada and the U.S. We are looking for a sales manager who understands and practices sales management processes such as managing KPI's. You have a successful record in implementing   and getting sales people to use the CRM, strong in negotiations and most importantly; you can sell value and show your sales people how to do so. This position is based on the South Shore.

Territory: Canada & US

Work Place: South Shore

Products/Services: Furniture manufacturer

Salary: $100,000

Commissions/Bonus: Between $25,000 and $40,000

Car allowance: Km reimbursed

Expenses reimbursement: All travel related expenses reimbursed

Other Benefits:

Life Insurance shared cost of 50%
Medical and dental shared cost of 50%
Cellular provided



Create, manage and execute plans to increase sales
Train and motivate your sales people

Plan and develop KPIs from which to judge your sales team
Use online tools to analyze the business, then act on them

Build and implement sales strategies
Assist sales reps on the road

Assist with negotiations as needed
Develop a plan to increase penetration of their existing accounts

Job Requirements:


Development vs Maintenance: 50% vs 50%

Road vs Office: 60% vs 40%

Languages: Bilingualism, both French & English (written & spoken)

Education: Bachelor's degree in administration is an asset

Training: On the job training provided

Overnight Travel: Up to 50% overnight travel

Years’ of experience: Minimum 5 years as a sales manager required

Other requirements:

You use the carrot rather than the stick to manage
You have great analytical skills
You have long term vision

Transferable contacts: N/A

Transferable Knowledge:

Strong sense of fashion and style needed
Have been able to build strong, successful business relationships
You are able to use influence rather than force to manage your reps
You are structured and organized

Contact Details:

Ms. Dawn Williams