Reference Number: {6B2C00E7-E702-E411-A0C3-005056A22AFA}

Base Salary:

100 000,00$-100 000,00$/Yr


North America

Company Profile:

The strategic sales director is responsible for the profitable sales development of our company in Canada, in the United States or for export. He/she is responsible for developing an effective sales strategy, tactics and operational plans to stimulate sales growth of the company's products and related services. He/she provides organizational development of his/her department and the skills of their team to provide an exceptional customer experience. Together with members of senior management (the President, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Global Development and Chief Financial Officer, the Chief executive product development and innovations) is responsible for the identification and definition of new opportunities for business growth, development and associated business plans


Participate in the conception, implementation and follow up and follow through of the strategic plan -Follow up on key KPIs based on the strategic initiatives of your business
Initiates, develops and participates with other Directors in the development of projects of corporate affairs; -Forges strategic alliances and partnerships with customers or distributors;
Examines and constantly optimizes the strategies, processes and client approaches so that the sales team offers an exceptional customer experience -Prepares and drafts the annual sales and marketing budget and expenses under their responsibility and ensures follow-up and execution throughout the year; makes corrections as needed
Manages the human resources of their team (hiring, supervision, evaluation, motivation and development) to ensure that they meet their targets -Periodically review the structure of the department, territories, sectors and coverage (segmentation, content of visits, frequency and duration of meetings) to maximize the performance of the sales team -Personally follows up with major clients and participates in client events

Job Requirements:

Academic Bachelor's degree in a related field i.e. business, marketing etc.
Languages Bilingualism, both French & English (written & spoken)
Experience 20 years experience in a manufacturing environment, b2b and several years managing outside sales people
  You are able to present to C level -You will help upgrade the quality of sales and sales people


Group insurance , medicine and life insurance offered, costs shared 50% -50% -Cellular phone -Laptop

Contact Details:

Williams, Dawn

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