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Now I’m assuming it’s unexpected and it’s a complete surprise, it may not be but if it’s a complete surprise the first thing you want to do if take a deep breath. Do not panic; do not start making phone calls in a panic state to look for another job and calling a prospective employers and ex-employees don’t do that. Take a break, breathe deeply and try and asses what has gone on, processing. Number two you need to put all of the stuff behind you so do your exit interview take care of your package your insurance all that kind of stuff, because once you move to the next phase which is looking for a new job you want to make sure that you’ve put to bed all the stuff that needs to be done with your old employer. Number three get references now is the time don’t wait, get the references written references get them done on LinkedIn make sure that you keep if you can some good relationships with the people where you just left to get those references. Number four vent, cry, do whatever you have to do you have to get it out of your system and then you just need to move on and stuck it up. Cause now you need to put that negativity behind you and move forward in the job hunting stage. Number five dust off the resume but I don’t suggest that you just take your old job your last job and slap it on your resume. It may have been a long time since you look for a job so if you can afford it and trust or hire someone professional get some advice, things may have changed since the last time you’ve made a resume revise the entire thing not just the last job. Number 6 you want to reach out to your contacts that means your contacts on to LinkedIn your business contacts your family and friends get the word out that you are looking for something. Consider joining job hunting groups on LinkedIn and getting advice from people in similar situations as well as looking for jobs online. Number seven update your LinkedIn profile that’s another place where you need to let your contacts know that you are actively looking. Number eight do some soul-searching did you contribute to losing your job how did you contribute to losing your job maybe you didn’t but if you did you also want to ask yourself the question, what would I like to see in my new job that my old job didn’t offer me. It’s also a chance to reinvent yourself and change industries consider that. Number nine practice explaining what happened. You need to practice that because you don’t want to sound bitter, you don’t want to sound negative. You need to explain not go into too much detail if not needed but you need to explain why you lost your job. Number ten consider doing something for someone else perhaps doing some volunteer work that you were putting off, doing some baskets helping someone else. Also maybe consider taking up some kind of sport, sports are a great place to vent and get things out. I love to run and I do some of my best thinking on my runs. I’m Dawn Williams from Sirius Personnel I can be reached on LinkedIn and on Twitter. Happy selling!