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Number one arrogance, now you need to showcase your talent talk about why you are good for the job but there’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence; you have to show humility during that job interview. It’s about reading your audience as well when you’re becoming a little bit too over the top. You have to be confident but without being arrogant. Number two know it all; so if you come across as been there done that to everything that they’ve said it’s going to lead to maybe them same maybe there’s a little bit of untruthfulness is some of this. If you don’t know something be honest and say I have never done that before but here’s one willing to do to learn it. Number three I did it all by myself now most people if not everyone that you speak to that’s risen to the top will tell you they’ve had help somewhere along the line. Make sure that you acknowledge that it was a team effort when it was a team effort and what your contribution was to the overall success of the project. Number four cutting the interviewer off; you’re excited there explaining something about the organization and the job and you just want jump in and say yes I’ve done that here’s what I did in this situation resist the urge to cut them off. Take your pen and a pad of paper and write down the things you want to contribute after they’ve finished speaking. Number five being over familiar with the interviewer. Resist that urge; it is still an interview especially if your interview takes you into territory where you’re going out for a dinner or lunch with the interview with a potential manager you still have to resist the urge is being over familiar. You want to get to know the person but you have to remember you are still on a job interview so backslapping drinking too much during that dinner resist the urge to do that. I Hope these tips have helped I’m Dawn Williams from Sirius Personnel I can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter Happy selling