A Step in the Right Direction

If you are looking for a more stimulating and rewarding sales and marketing job, you have already taken a step in the right direction. Whether you are starting off as a sales representative or you are an experienced sales manager, Sirius Personnel can help you. We recruit qualified professionals for a variety of sales and marketing positions in Montréal, Québec, and across Canada.

Experience works

Looking for employment is a full-time job. Expand your search with Sirius Personnel.

Benefiting from years of experience in high-level corporate sales management, our consultants expertly assess client needs and expectations to ensure that every job placement is successful. We adhere to an ethical approach that strives to create value for both employers and candidates. The process of understanding each client’s unique needs allows us to maximize each candidate’s abilities, while also taking into account their long-term growth potential. This approach allows us to offer our candidates opportunities in which they are likely to excel.

It is Sirius Personnel’s strict company policy that all communication is confidential, without exceptions. Your resume, interest and information WILL NOT be shared with any hiring company without your expressed permission and approval, provided in advance-by you personally.

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