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In any sales interview I need to know some very specific things around your past performances. Of course I need to know other things, but the essentials in a sales interview which are unique to a sales interview are; I need to know what you sold, to whom did you sell it, how much did you sell, how did you sell it, what were your results and how do you work. Expect to have questions that will revolve around your results; what were your quotas and how did you attain them. You have to come with hard numbers either percentages or dollar figures or percentage growth. You must to be prepared to talk about it. Too many sales people come unprepared to talk about their results. The other things I need to know is how did you build your territory and how did you build you’re funnel. You will need to explain how you worked your territory, was it geographically based or was it by verticals. Also I need to know how you managed your territories. Did you have an existing base of customers? How did you determine on a Monday morning where you were going and what was your plan. I also need to know why do people buy from you, is it because you have the cheapest product or is it because you could show an ROI? You need to be able to talk about why you sell and why people buy from you. In sales, most people will tell you, you’re as good as your next sale so show your value to the organization. Of course you need to demonstrate your soft skills and culture fit, but don’t forget these essential sales specific questions that need to be nailed down. I’m Dawn Williams from Sirius Personnel I can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter Happy Selling