Rigorous recruiting

Relying on teamwork to identify and match only the best candidates, we approach each mandate systematically and use structured, proven work methods. Our rigorous approach to recruiting has allowed us to fill a wide variety of sales and marketing positions in Montréal, Québec, and across Canada.

1- Assessing your needs
An understanding of your vision, mission and long-term goals—in addition to a thorough analysis of the needs, culture and structure of your business—is essential. We always meet with the key stakeholders involved in each hiring decision before we begin the recruitment process. Establishing face-to-face contact is the first step in getting to know your company and your needs.

2- Conducting the search
We approach each mandate as a unique challenge. Drawing on a digital bank of candidates, we are able to conduct a quick and effective search that targets each client’s pre-identified hiring criteria. If your needs are specific to your industry and you would like to retain the services of a professional with transferable knowledge and contacts, we offer a “headhunter” service. In other words, we will work together to find potential candidates who are presently working for your competitors.

3- Evaluating candidates
Our firm has solid expertise in recruiting sales and marketing professionals. This enables us to quickly target the top candidates in their respective fields. We evaluate their skills using behavioural simulations and are able to provide you with a detailed assessment of each candidate.

4- Checking references
At your request, we verify references at no additional cost. Two job references are verified for each candidate that is hired.

5- Arranging interviews
All resumes obtained in our search are studied, and a preliminary list of candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience is prepared. We present to you the candidates most likely to meet the requirements of the vacant position and best able to take on the challenges of the job. We can then coordinate with you, at your convenience, interviews with the chosen candidates. Ideally, the interview process is initiated on neutral ground. This allows for greater confidentiality, which is why we make conference rooms available to you free of charge.

6- Service guarantees
We offer a service-guarantee to replace the first candidate recruited if he or she is not suitable. The duration of the guarantee is negotiated with each client.