Have you consulted the SiRius Personnel site without finding answers to all your questions? Do you have questions or need additional information? 

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Is it absolutely necessary for me to create a profile in order to view Sirius Personnel’s job postings and to apply online?

You are not required to create a candidate profile directly on the Sirius Personnel site in order to view the job postings that are available. However, our consultants begin their search with registered candidates, so creating a profile increases your chances of being selected.

What happens when I apply online for a posted job?

When you submit your application online, our consultants will be notified of your interest in the position in question. If you meet the criteria specified by our client, one of our consultants will contact you to give you more information about the opportunity. Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

Do I need to send you my CV?

NO. When you create your online profile, Sirius Personnel does not want and does not ask you to send your CV. However, when a consultant contacts you for an interview, you will need to send us your CV at that point (only Word and PDF formats are accepted).

Is the information contained in the profile kept confidential?

YES. None of the information contained in your online profile will be transmitted, used or distributed by anyone other than Sirius Personnel consultants. If we were to forward your profile to a third party, we would ALWAYS request your permission in advance. See “Notice of Confidentiality” at www.siriuspersonnel.com.

Does the act of my telling you my salary expectations and the industries in which I would/would not like to work limit the opportunities that may be presented to me?

No, this information is used as search indicators. Based on this information, it is easier for us to present you with job opportunities that match what you are looking for. However, you should note that we do not restrict ourselves to those factors.

Can employers consult the profiles that Sirius Personnel has on file?

Only Sirius Personnel consultants can access the information contained in our profile databases, so we are able to assure you of the utmost confidentiality. See “Notice of Confidentiality” at www.siriuspersonnel.com.

I have completed some courses that are recognized but that are not shown on my form. What should I do?

If you have completed courses that do not appear in the lists of choices offered by Sirius Personnel and you feel they are important to your profile, we invite you to mention them in the “Other Diplomas” field in the Education section of the form. Diploma: Select “Others”.
Specialization: Select “Others” if you do not find a match.
Institution: Enter the name of the institution where you earned this diploma/took this course.
Ex: ICB / Mutual funds in Canada

Date earned: Select the year in which you earned this diploma.

I have already met with a Sirius Personnel consultant and I notice that some of the information contained in my file is incorrect. How can I have it changed?

Although we strive to avoid any sort of mistake in your file, it is possible that an error may have crept in. In this unlikely event, proceed as follows: please send us an e-mail (info@siriuspersonnel.com) containing your contact coordinates and the fields to be corrected, along with the correct information. We will take action within 10 business days. If any additional details are required, we will get in touch with you.