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Here are some tips for successfully working with recruiters.

1. Keep in mind that the recruiter is working for the paying client. However, that is not to say that the candidates needs and wants are not important. What we need to take into consideration are some of the “non-negotiables” the customer has given us – their needs and the wants.

2. You’re allowed to say no. The candidate does not need to say yes every time we call, but we need to know why it’s a no. Simply not returning a voicemail or an email doesn’t tell us anything, other than the fact that you’re not interested in the position. It’s these little tidbits of information as to why it’s a no, that lets us fine-tune our skills in terms of finding you the appropriate position.

3. Remember, recruiting is a selling job. We’re constantly selling the candidate to the client or selling the job to the candidate. However, beware of the recruiter that oversells the job. You should never feel cajoled, pushed or forced into taking an interview or a position. Be honest with us. Let us know exactly what is going on. Are you in other processes? Are you not interested in this position? What are your “non-negotiables” for this position?

4. Always ask the recruiter how they like to be followed-up with. We have candidates who constantly call, but never leave a voicemail – leave us a voicemail. Send an email if that’s the way the recruiter wants to be followed-up with. Just simply calling and calling, asking “Do you have anything for me?” is not the way to do it. Remember, job searching and finding that job is your responsibility.

5. Come prepared. I recently had a candidate in an interview who could not answer for me what they were interested in, didn’t have specifics in terms of industry, job type – really didn’t know what he was looking for. Come prepared with something. Tell me, what companies you admire? Which industries you admire? Tell me the parts of the job that you loved the most and the parts you didn’t like. What are your “non-negotiables”?

6. Find a specific recruiter or find a recruiter specialized in what you do or your industry – that way it becomes a much easier process.

7. Find a recruiter with whom you gel, find someone with whom you get along.

8. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re pursuing one job opportunity or working with one recruiter, it’s okay to be working with more than one or being in more than one process. Just don’t spread yourself too thin. Also don’t apply for an inside sales job today and tomorrow apply for a vice-president job. It’s not likely you would be considered for both. Be specific in what you’re looking for.

9. Ask them how they work. What’s the recruiters process? How do they send in résumés? How do they select? You don’t want to work with someone who is just going to send your résumé off to an employer without your knowledge. Hope these tips help! I’m Dawn Williams from Sirius Personnel. I can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter. Happy Selling!