Job Order: 3717

Base Salary:



Province of Quebec

Job Description:

Sirius Personnel is a Placement and Headhunting Agency that Specializes in Sales and Marketing Professionals in Montreal.

Profile: Our client is a premium (gourmet) food manufacturer and is looking for a branch manager for a 6-month contract. The role of the branch manager will be to assist with an important transition that the company is going through. This person's role will be to manage and run operations and sales, manage the small warehouse and work with 3rd party suppliers. You are an entrepreneur who is versatile and work within a small structure and roll up your sleeves when needed. You will determine the strategy for the Quebec branch and communicate and tweak it with head office.

Territory: Province of Quebec

Workplace: Montreal

Products/Services: Premium food

Salary: Base $90,000 (prorated to 6 months)

Commissions/Bonus: 15% of base salary

Car allowance: Km reimbursement

Expenses reimbursement: All reasonable expenses reimbursed

Other Benefits: N/A



  • Responsible for the overall profitability of the branch with full P&L  
  • Ensures the proper management of the operations
  • Implement strategic plan
  • Manages through transition of purchased entity
  • Oversee logistics with delivery staff
  • Engage 3rd party logistics partner for future  
  • Meet and build relationships with our top clients
  • Negotiate with suppliers and distributors
  • Manage 2 staff members
  • Examine sales and operations reports with an eye for details in product and customer fluctuations
  • Oversees annual marketing and sales plan
  • Ensures fluid communication with head office
  • Rolls up their sleeves  
  • Invests themselves into a smooth transition
  • Find partners to compliment our services

Job Requirements:


Development vs Maintenance: 50% vs 50%

Road vs Office: 50% vs 50%

Languages: French and English

Education: Bachelor's degree

Training: On the job training provided

Overnight Travel: Less than 25% overnight required

Years’ of experience: At least 10 years relevant experience needed

Other requirements:

  • Ability to work as an entrepreneur in a small structure undergoing a transition
  • You can optimize our operations

Transferable contacts: N/A

Transferable Knowledge:

  • Ability to pilot a project and get it off the ground
  • Have strong financial management background
  • Be versatile, given the size of the organization
  • Expertise in gourmet food
  • Expertise dealing with distributors

Contact Details:

Ms. Dawn Williams
625 Rene Levesque West, Suite 1616
Montréal, Québec
H3B 1R2

Publication date: 29/06/2020