Job Order: 461

Base Salary:




Job Description:


Our client is a distributor of high end furniture and seeks to hire a Senior project manager that will work alongside the Business development manager. The senior project manager will have to execute their functions flawlessly, in order to relieve the BDM of most of the day to day tasks in order for the BDM to continue to promote the design firm. Experience in high end office furniture and background in design or architecture is a must.  

Territory: Montreal

Work Place: Montreal

Products/Services: High end office furniture

Salary: $60,000-$75,000

Commissions/Bonus: N/A   

Other Benefits:

  • Group insurance shared cost
  • Parking spot at work provided
  • Laptop provided
  • Great space and environment to work in



Deliver The Project;

  • It is the responsibility of a senior project manager to develop and deliver a project management plan encompassing all the details of a project to the team members/customer service reps/technicians/installation team.

Set Realistic Goals

  • He/she should also set realistic and practical objective for the project that meet the client’s needs.

Provide Coaching and Guidance/Identify internal or external resources

  • It is also his/her duty to provide coaching and guidance to the team members about every aspect of the project so that the team members can understand their tasks fully and act on them effectively. To be able to make sure that the execution is seamless.

Evaluate Projects

  • It is the job of a senior project manager to evaluate the progress of project on regular basis.  

Internal Communications Strategy

  • He/she should develop and execute an efficient internal communication strategy for ensuring communication with all levels of management within the team. This is really an important task as you cannot achieve your project objectives unless you communicate them properly with your team members.
  • The Sr Project Manager must be able to manage the project in order to relieve the BDM from his project management duty.

Build and Implement

  • He/she should build and implement or standardize the best practices for performing all the tasks.
  • The importance to this position is to be able to handle all aspects of a project: working alongside the BDM to finalize contracts, make sure that RFP/Tenders are responded appropriately and in a strategic   manner, ensuring that vendors receive their complete orders in an accurate and timely manner in order to avoid delays/errors, ensure that client orders are received on time in order to deliver and install the furniture correctly and on time, and on budget.

Job Requirements:


Development vs Maintenance: 0% vs 0%

Road vs Office: 20% vs 80%

Languages: French and English

Education: Interior design background, technical background in specification or architectural background

Training: On the job training

Overnight Travel: Very little overnight travel required

Years’ of experience: 10 years' experience +

Other requirements:    N/A

Transferable contacts: N/A

Transferable Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft suite and design software
  • Knows how to read and interpret a floor plan
  • Comes from design  
  • Well put-together and presentable
  • Positive and team leader
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Comes from high-end products

Contact Details:

Brigitte Beaudoin

625 Rene Levesque O.

Montreal, Qc

H3B 1R2