Reference Number: {FC86BE3F-546B-DB11-9712-000F1FFAC67F}

Base Salary:

40 000,00$-50 000,00$/Yr


Ottawa, Cornwall and Quebec Province

Company Profile:

Our client is a private company with a 5 millon in revenue per year and they hold 12% of canadian market share. They use the exclusive "ring tread" process to recap truck tires. This is the most advanced recapping technology available in North America.


?Help reseller to increase their market shares ?Do presentations to reseller ?Give training to reseller and their staff The reseller represent approximately 40% of the clientele.
?Sale directly to the biggest truck float companies (objective : 5-6 new truck float per year) The company with a truck float represent approximately 60% of the clientele.
?Sell added value to the customers (not the cheapest one, but the cost per km is really competitive) ?Develop customer loyalty ?Visit the biggest clients once a month and all the others once every 3 months.

Job Requirements:

Academic The candidate must have at least a college degree.
Languages Excellent knowledge of french (written and spoken) Functional english
Experience ?A minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in sales, preferably to an industrial clientele. ?Experience in value-added sales and high quality product ?Must have an excellent and constant track record in the past.
  High level of autonomy


Medical and life insurance

Contact Details:

Beaudoin, Brigitte

Number of positions: