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The art and science of sales management. If you are a sales rep and aspire to be a sales manager, you need to understand the art and science of sales management to be successful. So, what do I mean by that? The Science: 1. One of these you need to understand in the science of sales management is “Funnel Management.” You need to understand how many deals your sales reps need to be successful, how often should they be on the road, how many calls they should be going on, how many times quota to they need to have in their funnel ;those are the kinds of things a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can help you with. Just having that raw data helps you manage the activity of your sales person. 2. Another part of activity management is a Return on Investment. You want to make sure you understand your success in selling to a certain kind of customer that way when you go to the next customer in that industry, you can bring a a value proposition about what you’ve done in that industry in the past. The Art: 1. One of the tenets in the art of sales management is Emotional Intelligence. Can you put yourself in or walk a mile in your sales rep’s shoes? What about coaching? When you go on the road with a sales rep, are you taking over the sales call; or are you coaching for excellence with that sales person? The Science (con’t): 3. Another part of the science of sales management is understanding the Client’s Needs and being able to tie these in with what you have to offer. These are some of things you need to be showing your sales rep. Now, a sales manager is not a super sales rep; they are a sales manager who can balance the art and the science. If you aspire to be a sales manager, you need to understand these things to be effective so your sales people want you to be around on their sales calls. I am Dawn Williams. I can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter. Happy Selling!