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I often have candidates talk to me about switching from selling a product to a service or Vis versa. I also have clients who have a definite opinion on whether a candidate can make the switch. If you are in sales and are considering a switch, ask yourself these questions. 1. Can you sell a concept or idea? Being able to sell a concept is key to selling a service. If you feel that you struggle in selling an intangible, perhaps selling a service is not for you. 2. Do you prefer the touch and feel of a product? Do you like to describe the physical attributes of the product then you are probably made to sell a product. 3. Do you like giving demos to show the product? Do you like that feeling of show and tell? 4. Can you sell yourself? Selling yourself first and what you bring to the table is all part of selling a service. Do you have a good story to tell because you have got to build credibility before selling? 5. Can you sell a feeling? Is ask that question because certain car companies sell the feeling of being behind the wheel rather than the physical attributes of the car. 6. Can you build a genuine relationship with your client? You need to build a relationship with both a product and service but with a service the relationship continues after the signature. You are doing and fulfilling the service and in constant contact. It will be a labour intensive relationship and you need to be able to stay with it for a long time. Hopefully these questions will help you determine which one is better for you.