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So you have come back from the holidays and you have made a resolution to switch jobs and to switch industries. Your reason for switching industries can be many; it could be because you are in an industry that is dying, you no longer have an interest in your industry or you have discovered a skill or interest and are better suited for another industry. Before you decide that you will send out those resumes, you need to do some homework. I have met many candidates who want to switch industries but when I ask them which industries, they are unclear. You should at least come prepared with a list of which industries and why. What have you learned from that industry? Have you contacted people who work in that industry and picked their brains? This will help you get an understanding of whether your skills fit. Keep in mind that a hiring manager has the choice of hiring someone “green” or someone who comes with contacts from the industry. You have an uphill battle but it’s not impossible. Are you taking time to help yourself? Are you investing to find out more about the industry because you have to showcase that knowledge? You should line up on a piece of paper; the skills that you bring and how you can benefit them and help move the job forward. You must arrive with deep knowledge, knowledge acquired through research not knowledge based on the fact that your brother in law works in the industry. Deep industry knowledge is required if you are to compete with people who have worked in the industry. Consider that training may not be part your employment so you should invest in a course or certificate. It won’t be an easy sell. I hope these tips help. I’m Dawn Williams and can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter. Happy Selling D